Puzzling Computer Puzzle Games For Families

Puzzle games are another good choice for the growing mind. Every puzzle games has its unique way of teaching strategy, planning and just plain fun! After playing these games awhile the child will get much better.

Block Party is a game where the child must remove colored blocks under the rock band members so that they will fall to the stage to begin playing. If the blocks are not removed fast enough, then the rockers will reach the lights at the top of the stage and the show will be over pick. The child must choose the best stars and make sure no heavy metal rockers end up in their pop band, because they won’t be playing the right music!

There are several ways of removing blocks. The easiest way is to form a vertical or horizontal row of three or more blocks of one color. New blocks will come up from below and they move faster for each level. The child must fill all the slots to the left with pop stars to play the ترفندهای بازی انفجار at the next level! There are special blocks to aid the child. The blast blocks can be used in any combination of three or more blocks of the same color, and removes a column or a row, depending if it is included in a vertical or horizontal combination. The higher the child gets in levels the more difficult the game gets. Blocks come flying up and it is very challenging. Star blocks double the score for any combination they are part of, and if you combine a star block and a blast block in one combo, all blocks of that color will be removed. This game is for 7 years and up!

Chuzzles is a very popular puzzle game. In this game the Chuzzles are the child’s best friends. They don’t like to comingle with other colors, so the child must maneuver the Chuzzles around so that they are grouped by color. The larger the one color group becomes, the better the score. Match the Chuzzles by color and watch out for the Chuzzle Locks! Super Chuzzles and Giant Chuzzles add diversity to the skill version of this popular game! They don’t like being alone, so your mission is to group them together by color! Move lines of Chuzzles to create groups of 3 or more that are the same color. Note that the group can have any shape, as long as 3 or more Chuzzles touch, they do not need to be in lines.

Make a Super Chuzzles (they glow), and your child can create them when they make a match of at least 5 Chuzzles. When Super Chuzzles are used in a match, they explode. Creating a Super Chuzzle will give your child bonus points.

Create a giant Chuzzle by making a square of four Chuzzles of one color (in later levels). Giant Chuzzles give a small score boost, but they also can be in the way, since the child can only move both the lines it occupies. Giant Chuzzles cannot leave the screen like regular Chuzzles can. No explosions here! Watch out for Chuzzle Locks as they will hinder one or more Chuzzles’ movement in the later levels. A locked Chuzzle cannot be moved. The only way to get rid of a locked Chuzzle is to use it in a match.